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Unique Deliveries ensures that your company’s reputation remains impeccable with our high quality, affordable hotel installation services, white glove furniture deliveries, and warehouse storage services. For over 20 years, Unique Deliveries has been Utah’s leader in white glove delivery and FF&E furniture installations. Our warehouse and storage services ensure a one-stop shop for hotel furniture installations and interior design white-glove deliveries, and warehouse storage projects.

Hotel Installation Services: Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

FFE furniture installations

FF&E installation company Salt Lake City Utah furniture

Hotel hospitality companies prefer working with an FF&E installation company with actual hotel hospitality installation experience. Whether your hotel furniture installation project is a new construction or a renovation project, Unique Deliveries has the experience, trained professionals, and equipment necessary to ensure a successful FFE furniture installations. We can easily manage large hotel furniture installations that require planning and phases, and our online portal and tracking services ensure ease and clarity for your inventory management.

Launching a new hotel requires detailed planning, organization, and execution. We help simplify the process by receiving and storing your furnishings. We manage and organize the entire process to ensure that your hotel opens on schedule. We can also warehouse your furniture for short or long terms to accommodate your project details.

White Glove Delivery and Interior Design

High-end, well-designed homes and furnishings require special care and attention. We provide you with the ease of knowing that you can place your order and have it sent directly to us. We are a one-stop shop for interior designers! We help them manage everything from coordinating the receiving and storing of furniture to providing damage-free, reliable, on time delivery installations for their clientele.

Our online portal allows you to login and monitor your inventory as it arrives at our warehouse. You can see each item and request delivery with ease. We offer easy scheduling, and our reliable on time deliveries help make your design project complete.

We take every effort to ensure that with each delivery that each piece of furniture is handled with care, and that it all arrives on schedule and damage-free to the correct location. We take care of all the small things that make the difference, like having our delivery team turn their belts around, and to place pads down to ensure your furniture is handled properly and carefully.

The biggest advantage for working with Unique Deliveries Warehouse and Storage is that we have many years of experience handling complicated projects and details. We’ve managed everything, from hiring cranes and lifts to install furniture into Park City homes and condos, to delivering furniture after hours and making special arrangements with property managers. We know how to navigate steep mountain roads and driveways where some larger trucks are unable to make it. We go the extra mile to make your interior design project and delivery seamless. We know how to handle the complexities of your project, and to ensure all details are handled in a professional and timely manner.

Hotel installation services Moab Utah hospitality furnishing

Your reputation is our reputation. We understand that the manner in which your client’s furniture is delivered reflects completely on you. Therefore, our motto is Your Reputation is our Reputation. When you decide to have your furniture delivered to our warehouse and subsequently delivered to your client’s home, we know you’ve put your trust in us and we take that responsibility seriously.

Warehouse Storage

Warehouse Storage for FFE furniture installations Heber City UtahUnique Deliveries provides warehouse storage for FF&E furniture installations and interior design projects. Hotel furniture installations and furniture orders can be shipped directly to our warehouse. We offer short and long-term storage options in our Salt Lake City warehouse.

Manage and view your complete inventory with our online portal. As each piece arrives at our warehouse, you’ll receive an email. When you’re ready for delivery, simply select the items from the online portal and we’ll ensure a timely delivery.

We can handle storage projects of any size, whether it’s a single item or a large scale project like a full hotel installation. We never store your assets with a third party.

Hotel Installation Company and White Glove Delivery Salt Lake City

Unique Deliveries is a full-service hotel installation company providing delivery and storage services. Located in Salt Lake City, UT we service furniture deliveries and installations throughout the state of Utah, including Park City, Heber Valley, Morgan County, St. George, and Moab.

If you are outside of Utah and are an interior designer seeking FF&E installation company in Park City or surrounding areas, we can help receive, store, and deliver your client’s furniture. Our white-glove delivery service includes a quality timely delivery, warehouse storage, and the ease of using our online portal.

Hotel installation company and White Glove Delivery Park City and Salt Lake

We understand the needs of our customers, and the requirements of this climate. Working and delivering furniture in Utah takes an understanding of navigating mountainous terrain and steep driveways, and going the extra mile to ensure and to be flexible with schedules.

To get started, simply set up an account with Unique Deliveries. Then, you can ship furniture to our warehouse and view your inventory on our online portal.

Local and Out-of-State Deliveries

Do you have a delivery or pick-up project that is outside Utah? We offer long and short distance deliveries and pick up. Our out-of-state deliveries include services with dedicated trucks so that you can feel confident that your furniture is safe and receiving the best care.

Our Mission

At Unique Deliveries, we specialize in hotel furniture installations, white-glove deliveries, and warehouse storage. Our goal is to provide excellent service to our customers by carefully delivering their furniture and making their lives more comfortable. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, customer support, and superior customer service. Our highly-qualified team combines their passion for excellence with their diverse talents to ensure a highly successful experience every time. As an organization, we want to build each other and those around us up. We want our clients and staff to have a positive experience working for and with Unique Deliveries.

Your reputation is our reputation. Since our clients are unique, we have experience managing the unique details of each of our client’s hotel furniture installations and white-glove delivery jobs. With our 20 years of experience, we know how to handle your furniture with care. During every furniture installation, we work to be flexible and responsible, giving your project the attention it requires to ensure success.

We understand that you require timely deliveries that are free of damage. We also know that there are additional fees associated with damaged furniture or late deliveries. We work with you to ensure that your deliveries are right on time. We’re empathetic with your struggles, and work with you to provide the care and personal attention you, your clients, and your deliveries require. Unique Deliveries Warehouse and Storage brings a passion for excellence to every project – big or small.

What our clients are saying …

“Unique Deliveries provided a responsible installation and cared about our hotel project and its success. They provided great attention to detail. They coordinated a tight schedule for both construction and operations. They were accommodating, helpful, and worked carefully. Unique Deliveries went above and beyond to ensure the success of our hotel installation.”
~ Scott Somerville, Hotel Developer/Operator, Embassy Suites Hotel

“Unique Deliveries over-achieved on our hotel installation. They received, inspected, delivered, and installed furnishings for seven floors, including 162 guest rooms, common areas, elevator lobbies, and restaurant seating areas at our Embassy Suites Hotel during 10 days over the Christmas holiday. We brought the job to them late and they finished ahead of schedule.”
~ Scott Perry, Embassy Suites Hotel

“I highly recommend Unique Deliveries for anyone needing superior speciality delivery services. As an interior designer for a discriminating clientele, I can count on Unique Deliveries to give my jobs the care and attention this type of merchandise requires.”
~ Carolyn Bradley, Interior Designer

Why Choose Unique Deliveries for FFE Furniture Installations in Salt Lake City?

Whether you have a large hotel furniture FF&E installation or a white glove delivery, Unique Deliveries Warehouse and Storage is your one-stop shop for delivery, FF&E furniture installation, and warehouse storage. Here are the top four reasons we are the leader in Utah:

Simplify Complex Projects

With 20 years of delivery and FF&E experience, we know that some FF&E installations and white glove deliveries require complex options. Whether it’s working within a tight construction schedule, managing deliveries after hours, or knowing how to install specific pieces in custom homes and hotels with unique building requirements, we know how to ensure that your delivery and furniture is successful. We go the extra mile to help simplify your complex project so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Inventory Management

Know what is happening with your inventory in real time. As your furniture arrives in our warehouse, you’ll receive emails to let you know it’s been uploaded to your inventory. You have 24/7 online access to your inventory. This relieves any stress you may feel, and provides up-to-date assurance. If you have a complete hotel furniture inventory including furniture and fixtures, or are an interior designer with an order for specialized furniture for your clientele, you’ll see exactly which items have arrived in our warehouse and can schedule your deliveries with ease.

Ship Your Furniture Orders Directly to Unique Deliveries

Do you require warehouse and delivery services for your furniture orders? Are you a designer who selects furniture at furniture markets? You can simplify the process and more thoroughly enjoy your trip knowing that your delivery services are set up on the back end. Before leaving for your trip, simply complete the application for setting up an account with Unique Deliveries. Once your account is approved, you can include our shipping address on your orders and your furniture will ship directly to our warehouse. As your orders are received, you’ll be able to view and manage your inventory and schedule your deliveries.

Warehouse Storage

We understand that there are times when you may need warehouse storage options. If construction and remodeling schedules change, we have ample capacity for accommodating your long and short-term needs, whether it be for large hotels or smaller interior design projects.

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“I highly recommend Unique Deliveries to anyone needing superior specialty moving services. As an interior designer for a discriminating clientele, I can count on Unique Deliveries to give my jobs the care and attention this type of merchandise requires.”
~ Carolyn, Interior Designer

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