About Us

Mission Statement

At Unique Deliveries, we specialize in hotel furniture installations, white-glove deliveries, and warehouse storage. Our goal is to provide excellent service to our customers by carefully delivering their furniture and  making their lives more comfortable. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, customer support, and superior customer service. Our highly-qualified team combines their passion for excellence with their diverse talents to ensure a highly successful experience every time. As an organization, we want to build each other and those around us up. We want our clients and staff to have a positive experience working for and with Unique Deliveries.

About Unique Deliveries

Unique Deliveries began in 2003, when Jeremiah Wing, an expert within the interior design industry, saw the need to provide white glove delivery services in Utah. He recognized that each high-end furniture project and exclusive home required special attention and a high level of detail. His passion for excellence has paved the way for thousands of white glove delivery installations in Salt Lake City, Park City, and all throughout Utah. Unique Deliveries has also transported furniture across the country, including west coast and east transportation.

Unique Deliveries began working with hotels in 2008, with our first full installation in the Zermatt Resort in Heber, Utah. Since then, we’ve worked with hotel developers and operators who’ve opened such well-known brands as Embassy Suites, Hilton, Courtyard Marriott, Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott, and more. While most of our hotel installations occur in Utah, we’re willing to travel and manage hotel installations throughout the US.

Your Reputation is Our Reputation

Jeremiah Wing leads a team of trained professionals, all committed to providing a high standard of excellence for each furniture installation. Our business is built on one-to-one relationships with you and our clients, and our true strength lies in providing an excellent and satisfactory experience. Our trained professionals handle your furnishings with care and professionalism, and they provide efficient and dependable service.

Unique Deliveries started by delivering high-end furnishings for interior designers, which then led to managing large, detailed hotel and FF&E furniture installations. Unique Deliveries has successfully delivered, installed, and provided warehouse storage for thousands of furnishings for our discerning clientele. Additionally, our warehouse and storage options are an essential service for our clients with projects of all sizes.

20 Years of White Glove Delivery Experience

With over 20 years of experience managing high-end, detailed projects, Unique Deliveries is now the leader in white glove delivery services in Salt Lake City, Park City, and throughout Utah.

Unique Deliveries knows that every white glove delivery and hotel furniture installation is unique. They bring a personal touch and high-level customer service to each project – whether it’s delivering one sofa or installing furniture for an entire hotel.


Our goal is to handle each furniture installation with flexibility, responsibility, and a consideration of other people’s schedules. We know that your priority is for us to be responsible. We handle your furniture with care and ensure that it arrives damage free, and on time. We have implemented  systems and processes that focus on providing careful attention to detail and coordination. We understand that each project requires flexibility and empathy for your situation. We strive to provide personal attention, and to go above and beyond to help your project run smoothly by avoiding challenges and focusing on your business.

The Unique Delivery Difference

  • White glove, professional service
  • Licensed and insured
  • Trained professionals
  • Padded, quilted door jamb protectors
  • Dust rags and cleaner provided on every job
  • Affordable, competitive pricing
  • Reliable, dependable, flexible, fast, and efficient
  • Trucks equipped with GPS tracking so you can rely on accurate billing
  • Over 20 years of experience with high-end furniture and clientele
  • Green practices – emailed invoices and recycled boxes


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Our Services

FF&E White Glove Interior Design

Complete your custom home design with our white-glove pick-up and delivery service. Our affordable and accurate billing process makes us your ideal delivery partner.

FF&E White Glove Warehousing

Whether it’s one piece of furniture or enough to completely fill a custom home or hotel, our secure, climate-controlled warehouse provides long and short-term storage options.

FF&E White Glove Home Builders

We work with your designer to stage model homes with our white-glove moving and delivery service. Additional furnishings can be easily stored in our warehouse.