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Your Benefits of Using a Furniture Receiving Company

We specialize in warehousing and delivery. That’s what we do and who we are. We make your life easier and below is a list to help give you insight on why it’s a great idea to ship your items to Unique Deliveries.

  • Trucking companies can show up to deliver at any time without notice. Not being able to meet the truck because you are meeting with your new client would be a huge bummer!
  • Unloading freight can be a dirty process.  We would hate for you to ruin your clothes when you are headed to meet your potential new client.
  • Trucking companies usually charge additional fees for delivering to a residential address or for helping to unload.
  • The drivers don’t always unload the furniture or if they do, sometimes they need assistance unloading.
  • Not having access to the proper equipment to unload the freight.
  • No help to move the furniture once its off the truck.
  • We know how to document damage on the bill of lading for freight claims.
  • Not having any space to store the furniture until the project’s install.
  • We have online inventory which makes life easy for you!

We look forward to working with you and helping out!
(801) 397-1041


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