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Finding Your Shabby Chic

adjective: shabby; comparative adjective: shabbier; superlative adjective: shabbiest
in poor condition through long or hard use or lack of care. Example: scruffy, dilapidated, ramshackle, tumbledown

adjective: chic; comparative adjective: chicer; superlative adjective: chicest
elegantly and stylishly fashionable.

By definition these two words have no business being used side by side, however, use them side by side and you can create a masterpiece!
Many people are drawn to shabby chic styled decor because they not only embrace imperfections, but they celebrate them! Perfection tends to be a figment of the imagination and with shabby chic your imagination can run wild in every aspect of design.
While it will most likely turn a few heads, including your own…you can decorate your entire space in old, worn-out pieces and there is still something absolutely captivating in creating a balance between the loved vintage and the fresh and new. It gives you an artistsy but elegant vibe. Bonus: It gives you plenty of freedom to bring your own style and flare to the room!
shabby chic designs can be tantalizing when they are done correctly… which isn’t hard. Less is more in this area of design!

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