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White Glove Warehouse Storage

Proper handling and warehouse storage of furnishings and accessories is a critical component of your design, model home, or FF&E project. Knowing that all items are carefully inspected, logged, and cared for while in storage is a great relief.
At Unique Deliveries we are known for our White Glove service and that extends to our storage warehouse. We take proper steps to inspect, photograph, and store all your items with great care. We offer online access to all your warehouse items so can easily track to be certain everything is in place.

Our process is easy. Simply have the item(s) shipped to our warehouse and leave the details to us. Consider them expertly inspected and stored until you schedule delivery and installation. It doesn’t matter if it’s one item or a complete hotel project. We handle them all with the same level of care and expertise. Valuable furnishings and accessories need to be properly handled and stored. You need to be able to ensure you have access to complete information on what is at our warehouse.

Our custom inventory management system gives you 24/7 access to your inventory, so you can check when you need to as often or as little as necessary. Knowing you have access to your inventory records at your convenience is one of the White Glove services we happily provide.

Our warehouse staff goes through the same rigorous hiring and training process are our delivery teams. We believe that our service must extend to all areas of our business, not just the publicly visible ones. It’s the way we ensure you get the respect, care, and attention that you and your clients deserve.

Don’t risk fine furnishings and accessories with an inexperienced warehouse company. Leverage Unique Deliveries’ Passion for Excellence and be certain your items are in White Glove hands!


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