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Our White Glove Experience

Unique Deliveries and White Glove Service: Regardless of how innovative your product may be, it’s no longer enough to simply offer a quality product at a reasonable price. Customers expect attention to detail and quick delivery methods as well. Thank you Amazon Prime! Fortunately, white glove delivery is a result of that trend and that is exactly what we offer at Unique Deliveries. However, much like other aspects of logistics, it’s growing and changing rapidly.

White glove service minimizes handoffs and therefore reduces the chance of loss, theft, and damage, all of which are expensive to address and fix. White glove provides better handling for your items, giving them more involved and responsive oversight from dock to door and beyond. That means the items are in experienced hands throughout the handling and unpacking of the items, eliminating the chance that anything will be accidentally discarded or installed incorrectly. Unique Deliveries also incorporates our above-and-beyond aspect, such as installation or customer product training.

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