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Your White Glove Partner

A great thing about White Glove Partner service is that we get to see beautiful things that our interior designer customers use to create the perfect room for their own clients. Sometimes we even get to learn a bit, too. Recently we had just that opportunity.

Lauren Oviatt of Oviatt Design, a long-time client, was recently featured on KSL-TV’s Studio Five program. We are very proud that our services help Lauren serve her clients with confidence.

We also want to give a special thanks to Lauren for the wonderful testimonial she gave us as the segment wrapped. Our goal is to provide all of our clients this same consistent, high-quality service. Here’s a guest post from Lauren, a client and a Unique Deliveries’ White Glove Partner.

4 Chair Styles That Suit Your Rooms

Lauren has graciously offered us this guest post about chair styles, and we wanted to share it with you:

Thinking of redesigning a space in your home for springtime? Tossing out that old sofa and looking for a new piece? Let’s get you out of the rut of rushing straight to the matching sofa and loveseat. Your kiddos and their friends might love to pile on a sofa together but adults tend to like their own seat and appreciate the “sit” of a chair.

When scaled appropriately, chairs are very inviting and many prefer a chair to a sofa when choosing a seat. Chairs also invite a break in stagnant seating groupings and offer flexibility in room rearranging. Not to mention they give you the opportunity to introduce interesting fabrics and different shapes into the space. Chairs, more than one, are a must in any space I design.

Here are four of my favorite styles. Let me tell you how I use them and what rooms and spaces these chairs fit best.

A CLUB CHAIR has generous arms, typically a boxy shape with wide proportions. It’s great for a family room area where comfort is key. This is terrific in a grouping of four (four facing each other for a conversation area) or paired with a sofa or sectional. The scale matches up well with larger spaces where you need the furniture to fill up the area. Style is traditional but goes really well in contemporary or traditional spaces based on its cover.

A BOUDOIR CHAIR (English Arm Chair) is a smaller scale chair that hugs you. Rounded with an English arm and higher back for lounging, this chair is great anywhere. Its smaller, more feminine features are suitable for bedrooms, small sitting areas and secondary spaces. The seat is still comfortable for a man even though it appears tight. The rolled English arm, nailhead detail, and rolled back denote more of a feminine, traditional feel.

 A WING CHAIR is larger in scale with a higher back (at least 38″) and curved sides that create more drama in a room. These make a great statement chair in a family room or den. They elevate the horizontal plane that plagues a room full of otherwise standard height furniture. This chair is a perfect complementary accessory and it will instantly get noticed. A good wing chair enhances the overall aesthetic of a room.

SLIPPER CHAIRS are armless chairs with little detail and a low back.  Small in scale with a low seat height, they are still generous enough to give comfort. These chairs are best seen in pairs and are great filler chairs where you might want to increase your seating capacity but lack space for more club chairs.

These chairs can flank a table or buffet and easily be pulled away for extra seating.  A pair of slipper chairs can go anywhere and their diminutive features add style.

L to R Club Chair, Boudoir Chair, Wing Chair, Slipper Chair


About Lauren Oviatt

Lauren has always had a love for interior and landscape design, floral décor, and all things beautiful! Her design instinct combines traditional elements with updated style and current color palettes.

After completing a degree in public relations and pursuing careers in corporate public relations and wedding planning, Lauren realized her true passion and returned for second degree in interior design.  As the Design and Decoration contributor on Utah’s NBC affiliate KSL’s Studio 5, Lauren discusses innovative design trends and current applications.

Most of all Lauren loves engaging her clients in the design process. She is constantly looking for ways to infuse glamour and individual charm into her projects with a fresh perspective and an eye for tasteful, classic design.

Lauren can be reached at

You can watch the video of her segment, which offers insight into which style of chair might work best for different spaces.



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