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7 Design Delivery and Installation Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Missed delivery dates—When a delivery company misses your important deadlines it shows a lack of commitment. They should be confirming delivery information to get it correct.
  2. Broken or damaged items—Your client’s new furnishings and accessories are valuable, regardless of their original cost. Every item should be treated as a priceless object, and proper techniques employed to avoid damage.
  3. Lack of personal attention—You should always feel that your business is important to your delivery and warehouse company. Even your small jobs should be treated with the utmost care, and your needs handled. There should be a relationship that is a partnership. When your delivery company does, well, you look good, and vice-versa. Don’t accept less.truck
  4. Damage to your customer’s premises—The last thing you need is the aggravation of having to fix damaged walls, doorways, floors, or other problems. You need to be certain that your delivery company handles the entire delivery with the utmost care. This includes taking extra precautions to protect your client’s premises, from clean feet to doorjamb protectors, to name just a couple.
  5. Disrespectful delivery personnel—As an interior design professional, you and your clients deserve the utmost respect, and should expect a seamless delivery and installation process. The delivery staff should listen to your directions, and maintain a pleasant and professional attitude and demeanor.
  6. Lack of responsiveness—Whenever you have a question, your delivery and warehouse service provider should be available to you within a reasonable time. This is even more important if you have a problem you need resolved. Any issue needs to be addressed in a thorough and timely fashion, whether it be an incorrect invoice or a delivery issue.
  7. Poorly groomed delivery personnel—This is another form of disrespect. Your client premises are valuable, and your clients want to feel comfortable with the delivery team in their home. Poor grooming is a sign the company doesn’t pay attention to detail.

At Unique Deliveries, we view these mistakes as unacceptable. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent white glove service to all our clients. If you or an industry professional you know has experienced one or more of these challenges with their delivery providers, please share this article, and refer them to us. We’ll provide our White Glove service to make them a satisfied customer.

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  • “I have always been impressed by Unique Deliveries. The attention they pay to the care of the furniture and every step of the delivery process is “Unique” in my experience with delivery companies. It doesn’t matter how well everything else went with my clients, if the last experience they have is an unprofessional delivery, it pretty much cancels out all the positive interaction we had. Thanks Jeremiah Wing and your team for taking your business seriously and delivering a happy client every time. Terry Ann Olsen”


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