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10 Things Hotel Owners and Project Managers Need From Their F,F, & E Company

A new hotel project or renovation is a complex project with many moving pieces. Some of these may be beyond the total control of the project manager, such as severe weather delays, or unusual interruptions in the supply chain. Depending on the property’s location
and primary target market, adjusting an opening date can be quite costly.

This elevates the need for the hotel’s delivery and installation partner to understand howhotels-play to meet its needs, even against extremely tight deadlines. To ensure things finish as needed, the hotel project owner must have a Features, Furniture, and Equipment (F,F, & E) company that has not only capacity to handle a large project, but flexibility to adjust quickly.

That is not enough, though. A hotel F,F, & E company also must:

  1. Have the ability to act as a partner to the hotel project manager, and anticipate and communicate needs and issues related to the project
  2. Posess a thorough understanding of the business, and the critical need to meet deadlines
  3. Maintain a highly functional warehousing system, that not only receives shipments, but carefully checks agains the manifest, looks for damage, and has state-of-the-art ways to track the inventory
  4. Report damage and discrepancies immediately
  5. Offer clients a visual view of the warehoused inventory for easier tracking
  6. Provide the client with a knowledgeable contact who can resolve problems
  7. Have the ability to review the interior design plans and plan properly for staffing levels to meet all the warehouse, delivery, and installation deadlines
  8. Employ staff that are careful, knowledgeable, and courteous at all times
  9. Ensure its staff handles each piece of furnishings and accessories with ‘white-glove’ attention, and treats each piece as a priceless treasure
  10. Demonstrates by flawless execution of their portion of the project that they value the client as more than a payday

If your hotel or renovation F,F, & E partners don’t offer all of this as part of their everyday service quality, it might be time to consider another service provider.

Call Unique Deliveries before you book your next project, and learn how we’ll work with you to get done what you need.


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