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A Wish Come True With a Tinkerbell Fairy Bedroom

Hunter Hansen is an eleven year old girl who has small cell ovarian cancer. This is a very rare form of cancer, so much so that only 2% of women in the world will get it. These patients are generally women 35+ years old, and have only a 5% survival rate within the first 5 years after diagnosis.

As with any child who is treated for an aggressive form of cancer, Hunter has had multiple surgeries, including a hysterectomy, large tumor removal and many other procedures. Even with a positive outcome, she faces at least two more years of treatment, including hospital stays at least a month long and lifelong care.

Amazingly, Hunter remains outgoing and pleasant. She loved attending her elementary school as often as she was able, which was sterilized to cope with her compromised immune system. The school was amazingly supportive, and her teacher and many students shaved Unique Deliveries community service helps create a Tinkerbell Fairy bedroom wishtheir heads in support of Hunter.

A fantasy lover, she truly has a lot she would love to escape. To help her find some respite, a fantasy Tinkerbell Fairy bedroom was her wish submitted to the 
Make A Wish Foundation. The goal was to create a fantasy place of fun and peace for Hunter.

Enter Lisman Studios of Salt Lake City. Contacted by the Make A Wish Foundation, they designed and planned a fantasy room to help grant Hunter her wish. Lisman then called on Unique Deliveries to perform the design delivery and installation. Owner Jeremiah Wing immediately decided to donate our company’s services. All of our employees took this on as a labor of love, as it is impossible to be untouched by this amazing child.

Sadly, she will not be able to attend school next year, as the Junior High school is not a sterile environment, making the risk too high. Needless to say, Hunter is crushed because she enjoys her friends and school so much. We hope her new Tinkerbell Fairy bedroom continues to be her sanctuary.

Many other children have dreams they hope the Make A Wish Foundation can fulfill. For more information, or to donate, visit their website at


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