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The 4 Best Ways to Receive Freight for Furniture Delivery

Whether you are an Interior Designer in need of furniture delivery or a project manager in charge of the FF&E for hotel installations, there are four ways to protect your investment and ensure that you and your clients can enjoy the purchased items. By taking a few extra minutes when your freight (one piece or a large order) is received can help any claims that may arise. Find out what we do at Unique Deliveries to ensure every delivery is a success:

1. Look in the Truck

While your freight is still secured in the truck, step inside the back of the truck and inspect it.

  • Look for any damages that pertain to the transportation of the freight.
  • Inspect the packaging of the product and make sure it looks in good shape.

2. Look at the Notes

Once the freight is safely unloaded, look over the bill of lading papers and review for:

  • Notes pertaining to prior damages of the shipment.
  • Properly filled out paperwork that includes readable names of the shipper, driver and carrier.

3. Review the Freight for Visible Damage

Open the package and take a careful look to see if damage occurred to the freight during transit. If there is damage:

  • Make notes on the bill of lading that states there is visible damage.
  • Take pictures of the damage and packaging.
  • Keep the bill of lading and the original packaging so there are no questions during your claim.

4. Call the Experts

Unique Deliveries, LLC is the expert at receiving, shipping and warehousing merchandise. We take the hassle out of receiving and storing furnishings.

  • We work with the freight companies to set up the delivery of your items.
  • All merchandise is inspected upon arrival and any visible damage is noted on the driver’s bill of lading.
  • Packages are carefully opened and inspected to ensure the quantity, integrity and quality of your merchandise.
  • Garbage is removed from the freight received.
  • You receive an email advising you of what has been received and inspected with an attached picture of each piece, along with a copy of the freight bill of lading.
  • View your entire inventory online through our website 24/7.
  • Items are stored in our climate-controlled warehouse until you are ready for them.
  • Delivery of your items can be arranged for you or your customer at any time.

At Unique Deliveries, LLC, your complete satisfaction is our goal. We pride ourselves in making sure you are happy and the receiving of your freight goes as smooth as possible.

Schedule your items to be received at our warehouse today! Call 801-397-1041  or fill out the Contact Form on our website.

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