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It’s Moving Time!

It’s a commonly known fact—and it really is an accurate fact, according to data of the U.S. Census Bureau—that more moves happen during the summer months than any other time of the year.  Avoiding winter weather, causing the least disruption to kids in school, summer being prime real estate selling time…there are many factors, but whatever the reason, summer is moving time for about 13-million people each year in the U.S.

If you’re one of those, we have a few packing and moving tips for you!

Yard SaleFirst, and most basic—start as early as you can. As soon as you know you’re going to be moving, start looking at everything in your home with a critical eye to be sure it’s really worth moving.  Most of us have a tendency to hold onto things much longer than we should. Do you really need it, love it, use it?  It certainly needs to fit at least one of those criteria to qualify for the move!  If it doesn’t, let it go.  Throw it away, give it away, or sell it, but don’t move it.

10 Packing TipsUse the best quality box you can afford.  There are plenty of options for free boxes so if you’re on a tight budget they can be had, but also be aware that they’ll often be mismatched sizes, may not have good tops, will already be weakened with use, and so on, so if it’s possible, invest in some good quality boxes.  You may even be able to re-sell them after your move, or break them down and store them for the next move if that’s likely to happen.  (Just don’t store them anywhere damp or they’ll just be worthless trash when you go to use them next.)

Be sure to protect items by wrapping them and providing cushioning within the box.  Although you’ll likely need at least some bubble wrap, foam sheeting, and moving paper, don’t overlook using “soft” things you already own—out-of-season clothes, extra towels and bed linens, that tee-shirt collection you still haven’t gotten rid of. You’ll be doing double-duty by “packing up” your soft stuff while protecting your more delicate items. Win-win.

If you have any complex electronics—stereos, TV/DVD set-ups, desktop computer with printers etc.—grab your phone and take a picture of the wiring before you disconnect everything.  It can sure come in handy to have a visual reminder when it’s time to hook it all back up.

Speaking of electronics—or anything that needs to be “dismantled” in any way to be packed—use a zip-top bag to store the bits and pieces.  The larger gallon size will contain the various cables for electronics and the smaller quart size (or even smaller snack size) will hold screws and other fastenings, shelf supports, keys to locking cabinets and so forth.  The bag can be zipped close so the loose items stay in one place and if you securely tape the bag to the main item, re-constructing what you de-constructed will be so much easier on the other end!

SuitcaseAs you get down to the wire just before the actual move, take a moment and pack up a good sized suitcase with all the essentials—some basic clothes, any medicines, chargers and cords for essential electronics, a folder with important personal papers—and each day as you’re packing you can keep that suitcase safely closed and out of the way. As much as you need to, go ahead and “live out of it” as though you were on vacation.  At least you’ll know that those essential items won’t get accidentally packed up where you won’t find them for a while.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor actual moving day, if at all possible, get a friend or family member to keep your kids, your pets, your elderly parents who live with you—anyone or anything that is going to get underfoot or, even worse, hurt or lost.  Your cat may be a big help when you’re packing, but for moving day be sure she’s got somewhere safe to be. Moving is challenging enough without added stress.

Did you know that you can get Unique Deliveries “White Glove Service” on your local move?  You don’t have to be a commercial client—we handle “regular” moving, too.  And if you find yourself with time in-between having to move out of one house before you’re ready to move into the next—a not-uncommon situation!—we can store your entire household in our climate controlled warehouse until you’re ready for it.  Just call 801.397.1041 to discuss your needs.

Do you have some tips you’ve learned in past moves? Share them below in the comments to help others!









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