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Warehouse Update

The Parade of Homes is rapidly approaching and wanted to give you a quick reminder regarding sending items to our warehouse.

When you are shipping items directly to our warehouse please make sure that the companies that you are purchasing items from are properly marking the packaging to ensure we can identify who the items belongs to. In the past the companies that you are purchasing from are not sending your items to us the way that we need the labels to read so we can identify which one of our customers they belong to. In an effort to try and figure out which customer the item(s) belong to we contact the companies to research which one of our customers purchased the item(s). Many of those companies are putting into place a confidentiality policy that states even though our name is on the item that we received they cannot release who purchased the item(s). As a result  we will be refusing any shipments that do not come in as our Service and Storage Agreement indicates.


[Your Company Name and Sidemark] C/O Unique Deliveries, LLC
1756 South 700 West #2E
Salt Lake City, UT. 84104

If we invoke the right to refuse to accept any Goods, we shall not be liable or responsible for any charges, loss, injury, claims and damage to Goods related to said refusal, and Customer shall indemnify and hold us harmless from all such charges, loss, injury, claims and damages. With the volume of pieces coming and going out we hope you can imagine the difficulty in trying to figure out whose item(s) these belong to.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We simply need to make sure we properly catalog and store items.

Please know we appreciate your business and this will help us take better care of you and your items.

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