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Ergonomic Designing

Ergonomic? To design exclusively based on looks doesn’t make for a happy work day. As employees ebb and flow throughout their working environment, they need furniture and spaces that encourage productivity and comfort. Your design needs to be aesthetically pleasing but also needs to meet the comfort of those that continually work in that space.

Enter ergonomic design! Where the magic of form meets the magic of function and creates a happy and magical work environment!

An Overview of Ergonomics:




noun: ergonomics

  1. the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.


1950s: from Greek ergon ‘work’, on the pattern of economics .


Centered on wellbeing, ergonomic design seeks to create an environment that encourages workers to feel healthy, productive and engaged.

When an employee uses an office chair throughout their workday, we’d like to see the chair not only be beautiful but also comfortable. Effective ergonomics allows employees to feel better in their space, through comfortable seating and furniture that moves the way they do.

Why is this Important?

Often called human factor engineering, ergonomics addresses the ‘human’ element that trendy or upscale furniture always seems to forget. We know the balance of style and comfort can be quite difficult to get right but in order to truly meet the needs of a constantly growing or changing workforce, furniture needs to tackle the ergonomics of a population. Then aesthetics can serve a purpose.

So… how do we accomplish this? By understanding how people work and flow.

Multiple factors go into ergonomics, particularly:

-Biomechanics: strength, forces and muscles

-Environmental factors: noise, temperature, hearing, vision and sensations

-Anthropometry:  populations, body size and shapes

There have been multiple studies compiled from these 3 main factors to understand the best conditions for work productivity, minimizing discomfort and encouraging employees to thrive in their changing environments!


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