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Going Coastal!

When you hear of the style of decor being Coastal you typically think it’s a home close to water. However, we it’s become common all over and we love it! You no longer have to have a waterfront home on the eastern seaboard.

Colors: The coastal color scheme is a piece crucial piece of the puzzle for making your room truly have that coastal feel. This look must have a crisp, natural palette featuring varying shades of white and blue with possibly a few pops of sea foam green.

Furniture: Your Furniture should be breezy and practical while still remaining stylish. Classic silhouettes including X backs on chairs, overstuffed cushions, woven features, and sturdy, traditional pieces will bring the room to coastal life!

Accents: Materials including driftwood or reclaimed wood, distressed finishes, rope, and natural fibers such as linen and bamboo provide the airy and fresh detailing that is of the coastal style. Don’t forget to add nautical motifs such as anchors, coral, and ship wheels partnered with bold stripes to bring the final touches to the room. The Coastal look is relaxing and fun. Great for any kitchen or gathering room!

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