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Get the Advantage with a Pinterest Trends Report

Pinterest Trends Report: It’s not widely known that Pinterest releases a full research report on the top trends for the year.

As you’ve probably already figured out the report is based on what people research, like, try and save in their Pinterest accounts. For the designers that know about this report it’s a huge advantage and inside look into the lives of 250 million average people. It’s an amazing resource that will help you understand and utilize trends that are rising and fading out.

“Pinterest is its own positive corner of the internet, the place where more than 250 million people around the world come to discover new ideas to try.1 This year’s trends range from accelerating trends with 1+ million searches on average, to new trends that are just starting to take off (marked with a  with 10k to 70k searches each).” States Pinterest.

If you are looking to gain an edge in the design industry this yearly report is a great place to start along side Unique Deliveries White Glove Services!

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