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Quick Tips for Furniture Repair

Furniture Repair: Let’s face it, like so many things that age, furniture pieces can start to fall apart and stop looking as nice. Whether it’s a loose veneer that’s starting to peel off, joints of a chair or desk that are starting to fall apart, there are several things you can do to fix these imperfections. Here are 3 of the most common furniture repairs that you can do at home with minimal supplies:

Loose Veneer
Veneer can really bring things together and make pieces of furniture look much more attractive; however, it can be susceptible to damage. Most of the time the adhesive that’s keeping the veneer intact tends to peel up. When this happens be sure to save any pieces. If needed purchase some matching veneer to go over the parts in which need the most attention. Once you have all the pieces, carefully scrape off any old glue or adhesive and apply new glue to the areas needed, then carefully tape down the veneer until dried.

Loose Joints
Loose joints are some of the most common issues that will need repair. When fixing loose joints, unscrew any hardware and remove the pieces from the joints that are loose. Once removed, analyze the screw holds to make sure they’re still intact and not stripped. If the holes are stripped, drill a new hole smaller than the screw itself and then fasten the screw in the newly made hole. Re-gluing joints along with new screw holes will make your old piece of furniture feel brand new and sturdy again.

Stuck Drawers
Another common problem with older furniture are stuck drawers. The first thing you will need to check is that the drawer slides. The drawer slide is the piece in which the drawer hangs on. After several years of usage, those draw slides can become quite beat up and in need of replacement. Luckily, since drawer slides are hidden a majority of the time, this part is quite easy to replace. Some drawers may only require paste wax to help with the sliding of the drawer. If that doesn’t do the trick, then begin to de-nail or unscrew those runners and replace them with new ones. You can easily find drawer runners at your local hardware store.

There are several repairs you can make in a home and furniture repairs can be some of the cheapest and easiest repairs that can be accomplished. Before removing any original hardware or materials, be sure that you are certain that it’s absolutely necessary. Take your time and be sure to use the right supplies for the project.

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