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Tips for Storing Summer/Fall Decorations

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, it’s just about time to put away all your summer and fall decorations and start putting up Christmas decor. Finding a way to do so in an orderly and organized manner can be quite the process. However, there are a few tricks that you can use to make your life a little easier and far more organized. Here are our 3 tips.

  1. Storage Bins

First tip is to use storage bins. Through using storage bins, it will clear up the scattered mess in which most storage rooms look like. You can pick up a basic storage bin at your local home store for around $20 – $30. These bins are perfect to use for storage since they’re able to fit a lot of small things into a nice compact and easy to carry bin.

  1. Labeling

Our second tip is to label your storage bins. Once you have your decorations nicely packed into storage bins our next recommendation would be to label all the bins by the time of season. By doing this, it will help you know exactly what’s in each container and will help you in the future when putting away and taking out things from storage.

  1. Placement

Our third tip would be to organize your storage room to where it makes the most sense to you. Now that you have everything tightly packed and labeled it’s important to take the time to find the right place for everything. Knowing where everything is will take away the stress of having to find where you put everything and will save you the unnecessary time in the future.

For less than $100 you will be able to store and organize all those seasonal decorations you have and will clear up extra space. Through using storage bins, labeling, and finding proper places for everything, will help you find yourself to have been less stressed when it comes time to re-decorating. By doing so, it will also make your storage room look far more organized and will give you some extra space other things.


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