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White Glove Delivery and What you Can Expect

People tend to have a misunderstanding about what exactly White Glove Delivery Service is. A general consumer typically thinks Unique Deliveries is simply a moving company. However, white glove services involve carrying out the delivery process with care, knowledge and expertise that goes far beyond an everyday moving company.

What should you expect with a white glove delivery service?

1. Everything Will Be Handled with Added Care
Attention to detail is critical for white glove deliveries along with the added care that needs to be met. The shipments can be in specialty padded vehicles or climate controlled trailers, using tie downs, blankets, load straps, and power lift gates to properly handle delicate shipments safely.

Packaged with care

2. Great Customer Service is a Must
Every customer should recognize when they have received this premium delivery service. If they have not noticed the difference between a white glove delivery vs normal delivery service, then you must challenge the services being offered.

3. No Stress
This is one of the biggest added values of working with a white glove delivery company. At every stage of the delivery process our customers should experience very little stress, if any. This includes everything from before the shipment is loaded onto the truck to the final delivery and installation.

4. Experienced Delivery Professionals
Experience is the basic requirement of any delivery service. However, this is even more important when it comes to our white glove service. Having experienced delivery professionals who are properly trained and educated on the handling procedures for the specific items being delivered is a key piece in both the delivery and the installation. Knowing the challenges that are ahead will ensure the customer has a flawless experience.

5. Set Up and Installation
White glove services do not stop at the driveway or your doorstep. Our service requires our delivery and installation professionals to bring the shipment across the threshold of your home or business and place the item wherever you request and ensure proper setup of the items and the removal of debris.

6. Reverse Logistics
We begin with a product risk assessment which evaluates environmental factors such as climate, temperature, humidity, pick-up conditions, storage accommodations (in our warehouse or another location), and destination requirements. Each of these are factored into determining the appropriate packaging and cushioning to prevent any damage during transit.

7. Removal of Any Packaging
Our customers should not have to dispose of any excess packaging from the delivery of the goods. No one wants to have beautiful furniture delivered and installed but have the packaging left in the corner.

Our service is considered white-glove because of the care we take with each piece – we treat each item like it’s our own. Our clean-cut, professional staff always looks presentable and knows the importance of protecting the fine furnishings that complete the design. And, even with our passion for excellence, our rates remain affordable. Our billing is accurate, we are on-schedule and we work to be your long-term delivery and receiving solution.

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