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Utah’s Economy is Looking Good!

Utah’s economy may not look the same as it did Pre-Covid but it’s certainly looking good in terms of being healthy.

Jobs in Utah grew during the pandemic.

“Utah reached February on a par with where total employment was the year before, while the U.S. was down 6%, meaning the state ended one of its worst years with more jobs than when it started.

February unemployment was at 3%, for one of the lowest levels in the nation and putting its rate only half a percentage point behind what it was as 2020 dawned. The U.S. unemployment rate overall was 6.2% in February.” States the Salt Lake Tribune.

A large percent of those jobs are remote and we’ve seen several companies decided to close their offices and work 100% remote. With that being said if you are looking to close your office, down size or office or expand your office due to growth, give us call! We are ready to help you get your office up and running or moved to storage until further notice.

Utah Economy

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