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Our Customer Service

Planning an installation, delivery or warehousing items can be one of the most stressful events that you deal with in your business. There are many logistics that come into play and if you aren’t familiar with all the moving pieces, you likely find this to be a very stressful. As such, many companies choose to outsource these tasks to a third party company, making the investment to relieve this stressful burden. Having spectacular customer service is a must-have for a delivery and installation company and why we invest so much time and energy into making sure that we have just that.

We know that you are working with businesses, vendors and personal clients so we want to make sure that you know we are an extension of your customer service team and will do everything we can to make your people are taken care of as well as the items you are moving and/or storing for yourself or on their behalf.

Great customer service comes with experience and dedication, which is crucial to our business. It’s experience that often sets the customer service offered by a more established business apart from newer movers or fly-by-night organizations that are more focused on financial gain than creating a sustainable business model. We have been in the business for several years and offer a wealth of knowledge like identify common pain points, and quickly coming up with solution.

At Unique Deliveries we are here to help with all your moving, storing, installation and fabric protection needs!

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