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Series of Color: Orange

Here we go! Orange makes a statement that no other color can. With the vivid vibrance and saturation of this color you can energize even the most boring room. Using orange will invigorate and boost the mood of the room you are designing and make it fun and optimistic. Orange also brings on physical comfort and the feeling of abundance. 

When you start planning an orange room proceed with caution as orange is not for everyone. You need to find the right tone that matches the room and resonates with the functionality of how you will be using the room. The saturation of color will influence the intensity of the psychological attributes that you will feel. The feeling of using a bright tangerine will bring on a completely different feel than a peachy orange or pumpkin orange.

Orange offers such a powerful statement that using it as an accent color can keep the room modest and welcoming. We recommend the power of 3 with this strong color. For example in a living room using orange throw pillows, floor rug and lamp on the lighter side of using orange. If you want more of an impact in a living room we suggest an orange couch as your statement piece and then adding small accent pieces throughout the room.

Remember… with orange, a little goes a long way.


Oragne Couch

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