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Series of Color: Blue

Blue, no matter how light or dark is a spectacular color known for its unmistakable calming and yet dramatic effects. Know as one of Mother Nature’s favorite sky shades from the picture perfect beauty of ocean waters. Blue certain won’t leave you with this winter blues that often come around this time of year!

When it comes to decorating a living room space, there is an ideal shade of blue for every mood and style you want to create. So whether your going for a nautical Cape Cod feel or a modern eclectic look, blue has you covered.

Thinking about flirting with the idea of jet black walls but not quite ready to commit? Try a Mid-night blue without going all out black will make a small space feel nearly twice its actual size. Throw in some beautiful gold frames, large bay windows a few items in Gold and red tones and you’ll keep the room feeling vibrant yet relaxed.
Not quite ready to go all in on Mid-night blue? Let’s talk about going for a softer Cape Cod look. A room that has more than one pale shade of blue can offer depth and create a bit of mystery when used in the right angles. Mix in a bright white ceiling and trim and you’ll keep the space feeling light and airy. Pro Tip: Include live plants to give the room a life of its own! 

Looking for a very dramatic look that is cozy and perfect to cuddle up and read a book? Painting the ceiling and walls the same darker blue shade makes the small space feel like a cozy little cocoon. Add in some lighter blue furnishing and a large patterned rug and you’ll create the illusion of more floor space. Decorative accents of chrome or silver will uplift the room with pops of brightness.

Light Blue dining room with live plants
Light Blue dining room with live plants.
Modern kitchen interior design with dark blue wall
Modern style kitchen interior design with dark blue walls.

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