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Going Boho Chic

Going Boho Chic

Creamy light shades, raw timber, natural grays and beiges, indoor plants and a relaxed living style are all characteristic of the boho chic interiors style and there is quite the charm in its laid-back demeanor. Its versatile style can even be combined into a more upmarket style of home.

If you like to flirt with the boho beauty but are more comfortable with things that lean a little more to the traditionally chic end of the scale, then we have the perfect Boho Chic ideas for you!

Find out how to dash that bohemian essence into all different areas of the home without compromising on smooth sophistication and cozy ambiance.

A room simply can not be considered Boho without plants, plants and more plants. This is a staple to any Boho decor but to keep chic we recommend using a large color blocking plant holders or solid colored baskets. Keeping away from any type of patterned container will keep your room from becoming overwhelming.

Throw Pillows:
This is were you can add your patterns, textures and solids. Mix and Match until your heart is content… within reason of course.

Wall Hangings:
A Macramé creation that perks up the room with fiery colored accents is a sure to catch the eye mix with that a painting of color light blocking curves and you’ll bring the room together quite nicely.

Boho Chic Room
Boho Chic Room

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